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Car Club RMIT (CCRMIT) Inc has been around since 1954 helping Victorians participate in all forms of motorsport.

Today, CCRMIT is predominantly focussed on the gravel rally discipline, however there have been recent excursions to Gippsland Park for a hillclimb, and to Phillip Island for the 6 Hour Relay. It is not necessary to be a competitor to be a member of CCRMIT – motorsport is a very family friendly activity, and we also have plenty of ‘motorsport officials’ that assist behind the scenes, rather than behind the wheel.

CCRMIT organises several events per year, from the State Championship level down to driver training days and social days out. We are also affiliated with VicRoads for the purposes of Club and Historic Registration.

Whether you are a prospective member, or just interested in the Car Club or gravel rally in general, we hope you find what you need here – you can always email us at info@ccrmit.com – there is always a committee member close to hand to help you with anything you want to know! The hardest thing about motorsport sometimes is just knowing where to start and how to get involved.

To our existing members, here you should find the Club Calendar, latest event information, and club magazine.

CCRMIT has meetings throughout the year (an excuse for a quiet ale and some story swapping) at the Nottinghill Hotel, why not come down and have a chat one night and get involved in what’s going on?

Above all else CCRMIT is a Club for those who have an interest in motorsport, and offers extremely good value for the membership fee. If you are not already a member and have a passion for anything motorsport do join us, you will be made very welcome.