Club History

 In 1954, six friends, students at the Royal Melbourne Technical College, decided to organise a few trials. Following the success and interest of the first couple of these trials amongst their friends, the students decided to form a Car Club. The car club would bring together people with similar motoring interests. They were at the age of being able to buy their first cars and wanted to learn the about their vehicles and improve their driving skills. The six students were Doug Andrews, Halam Occleshaw, Neil Forss, Dick Collingwood, George Jennings, and Peter Coffey.

Doug's enthusiasm kept the ideas bubbling and eventually it all came to fruition. They approached a Welding Lecturer and motor car enthusiast, Mr George Derrick to be President of the club.

The first writtern record of a Generald Club meeting was on October 22nd, 1954 where fiften club members met in room 3B4 at RMTC to elect a new committee for 1955.

The club has since run in excess of 230 competive events for it's members and fellow motorsport community, since the very first trial took place in 1955, the "100 Mile".

The club continues the tradition to this day, as it continues to run events for it's members and fellow motoring clubs, taking part with rounds of the Victorian Rally Championship (VRC), The Victorian Clubman Rally Series (VCRS), and Victorian Club Autocross Series (VCAS), as well as a host of other social activities.

For many years, the Car Club was then associated with RMIT University - until sadly, Voluntary Student Unionism forced the demise of the all support for sport & rec clubs.

Car Club RMIT (CCRMIT) Inc now operates independently and continues on to this day as a Car Club focussed on Gravel Rally here in Victoria. We meet monthly at The Knox Tavern (part of Knox Shopping Centre) on the second Thursday of the month, starting at 8pm - but feel free to drop in beforehand for dinner, a drink and a chat! Drop any one of the committee an email or give us a call so we can have someone on hand to introduce themselves and introduce you around.