RZR Polaris Championship

The Club has assisted in the running of the RZR Polaris Championship over many years. Our own club member Ewen McClue is the reigning champion.

There are a few local rounds as well as rounds interstate. Consideration will be given to travel and accommodation by the organisers on a per event basis especially for events that are obviously a long way from home.

The duties as performed could be considered akin to a start control. 2 people wrangling the competitors from the pits to the holding area, 1 sorting them on the start line, the other starting them. Timing is done automatically from a central location. 

So what is the event? It is 20 to 30 competitors in Polaris RZR side by side buggies running in heats for 4 or 5 laps around a motorcross track. From the start line you can see about 75%. For more information and a view of the videos have a look at and on Facebook Polaris RZR Australian Championship.

If you are interested and definitely can commit then reply to the committee otherwise we will only support the local state based events (VIC).

Series Calendar

  • ROUND #1 14th April 2018 WATERLOO CORNER, SA
  • ROUND #2 12th May 2018 MT. HELEN, VIC
  • ROUND #3 21st July 2018 ALBURY, NSW
  • ROUND #4 25th August 2018 COULSON, QLD
  • ROUND #5 15th September 2018 YERRIYONG, NSW
  • ROUND #6 20th October 2018 BROADFORD, VIC

The Committee